5 Interesting Books You’ll Probably Love to Read

Thrillers, romantic, horror, fiction, comedy, and entertainment, there are lots of genres in the category of interesting books that boost your abilities to empathize and have positive impacts on your life.

Whatever type of book you prefer to read, you always gain some exciting information that strengthens your beliefs and knowledge. So, whether you are an avid book reader or a casual reader, you must love reading these books that could be an interesting activity for summer and may equip you with some healthy information that you have not known before.

The Herd:

Andrea Bartz (The Herd) is an expert in writing interesting thriller books. This latest book Devour a good thriller is no exception as well.

To give you a short overview, Emily and Kristen are friends who plan to visit a world together, but things get disturbed when someone interrupts their peace and one of them gets attacked. They had to kill the man for self-defense.

Well, when the same thing happened again after a year, Emily wondered how much a terrible accident it is. Bartz was an expert in writing about toxic female friendships, and he realized that when he found that things are not okay with her best friend.

Love Memoirs:

This is an exciting moving memoir. Ford suffered a terrible and difficult childhood due to a toxic relationship with her abusive mother.

Lots of moments that break your heart while you read the book, it’s actually a moving memoir that sheds light on making peace with the past, and then fights back with all the troubles and difficulties. The most memorable element is, how Ford is so watchful and observant that he is capable to look at the heavy past she spent while having a love for her past, family, and childhood.

Adulthood is a myth:

This is one of the most interesting and fun to read books that beautifully comically encapsulates wonderful life scenarios. When you will read the book, you may discover that the story highly reflects your everyday lifestyle and we bet, you will have a smile on your face while reading every page of the book.

Adulthood is a Myth was the most cheerful book and also won The Goodreads choice awards in 2016.

Furiously Happy:

If you are looking for an interesting, delightful, and light mood book, then furiously happy is definitely a great choice for you. The book is absolutely fun to read/ Especially in today’s modern era, where depression, anxiety, and frustration are getting common and found in every third person, the book can give you plenty of insights into your life simply and sweetly.

The book is actually humorous but gives serious messages. You will find it silly, funny, interesting, twisted but sometimes quite serious too. Well, overall the book deserves 9/10.

Catch 22:

Another inspiring and interesting book to read is Catch-22. The book is a great masterpiece for amazing reasons.

The author might leave you thinking, laughing, and scratching your head when you travel across Europe and Asia. When you read this book, you will think and question all the decisions that you have ever done before. It will also make you laugh as it is full of fun and satirical moments. You will learn a lot of inspiring and interesting things while discovering a unique world.

Love Reading Interesting Books?

So, that was our list of some interesting books to read. Have you ever read one of the above-mentioned books? Or do you love reading books and are happy to search for some exciting books that open a new world for you? If so, scan the list again and buy one of these interesting pieces. Or stay tuned to find some new ideas at Online Reviews Desk.

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