World’s Top Freelancing Websites in 2021

Top Freelancing Websites in 2021

If you are in search of the top freelancing websites in 2021, congrats you have come to the right platform!

Today, freelancing is no longer an option but an important need. More interestingly, around 60% of US people have given up their jobs to pursue their freelancing careers. This means, there is a great number of audiences who are changing focus and shifting to a more reliable strategy to up their financial game.

There are plenty of reasons why freelancing is getting popular day by day. For freelancers, these platforms are excellent alternatives as a side hustle. Freelancing makes it easy for people to earn a healthy living while being in control of their own life.

That feeling of not having a boss or anyone to guide you and run things on your own drives most people towards freelancing.

But what are some top freelancing websites in 2021 that actually pay and help you make a bright career? Have a look at the list compiled by our staff at Online Reviews Desk.


Upwork is the #1 marketplace and the leading freelance platform in the world that was evolved after a merge between and The platform is our personal favorite as you can earn a healthy amount every month.

oDesk and Elance were the biggest freelance websites that later become partners with in 2015 and emerged as a big competitor of

So, if you want to start your career and you have some specific skills that could help you earn a lot, then Upwork is the best platform to get started today.


Freelancer is one of the oldest platforms for freelancing. It was launched in 2003, and now it has become the most competitive outsourcing destination in the world. The platform has also acquired two great giants in the freelancing marketplace such as vWorker and Scriptlance.

So, if you want to start earning from a reliable yet reputable channel, then Freelancer is the right place to consider. You can sign up easily and get started according to your skills.


Fiverr- another important, incredible, and super awesome platform for freelancers. This is the best marketplace for small businesses.

The interesting thing is you can easily create a gig with as low as $5. It would be a healthy money-making solution for you even if you have the least ideas about coding or any technical stuff. Check what others are creating and try to create something similar if you have the same skills.

If you are doing something useful for businesses, most people would love to choose by paying $5, which could be a great thing for a beginner.


Since 2001, Guru is helping individual freelancers and companies to showcase their talent and abilities so they can find some appropriate jobs.

Freelancers and employers can build their profile on the website and make a job contract once they get satisfied and review each other’s reputation.

A freelancer would manage all the activities through the Work Room and payments will be made by the SafePay system.

You can find good jobs in any area such as writing, designing, marketing, administration, and hundreds of others.


PeoplePerHour is committed to bringing everyone together who can offer the best services to all the major departments such as writing, web design, web development, social media, business development, etc.

This is basically a UK-based company that follows a similar set of rules to other platforms. By using this site, you can get a lot of high-quality online gigs. The job type will be either fixed-price or based on hours you work.

Ready to sign up on top freelancing websites in 2021?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Join hands with the world’s best freelancing sites that help you create a strong profile to earn a healthy living. If you are already using one of those platforms, do not forget to share your experience with us as we would really love to know which one of them offers the best user experience 😊


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