Squid Game- The Most Intense, Disturbing, and Brutal Series

Would you betray your friends to escape death? Let's get some interesting details from Squid Game- a highly intense series on Netflix.
Squid game

What if winning playgrounds could make you rich by just playing few simple games? That’s the basic concept revolving around this gory thriller series Squid Game that has now become the smashing hit on Netflix right now.

Yes, you heard that right. In this highly intense, brutal, and disturbing Korean series, competitors play children’s games to win hefty amounts of money… and do you know what happens if they lose? They’d die… not in the game but in real life!

That’s the whole concept of this highly anticipated Korean series that is currently at #1 in Pakistan and different countries just after the 4 days of its release. In the series, some debt-ridden players sign up to compete in six games for a cash prize of 45.6 billion won (around £28m).

They play individually and in groups; they play and work hard, just to survive a new day. Because they already know what happens if they lose…!

Red Light, Green Light:

If you have watched its first episode, you must have enjoyed this blood-splattered child’s play “red light, green light” that you must have played in your childhood.

I am sure it must be difficult for many people to stomach the events of this episode as this was the first game that unleashed some horrible realities of this terrific game.

Yes, the episode was bloody, brutal, and violent, but also much addictive. It hooks you up to your screens until the last person wins.

red light green light

What Games Do They Play?

The series feature 6 games in total.

  1. Red light, green light
  2. Sugar honeycombs
  3. Tug of war
  4. Marbles
  5. Glass steppingstones
  6. Squid game

These easy yet haunting games could be a scary nightmare for anyone in real life. the players know that these games are terrifying and could risk their life, but they still play as their lives are already worst while living in interminable debt.


What Does the Name “Squid Game” Mean?

In the first episode of the series, the main character Seong Gi-hun describes that Squid Game was basically a game of kids in his neighborhood in which all the players gathered around a squid-shaped court. The game is more like a Red Rover, or even some elaborate version of tag.

No spoilers, but the Squid Game itself eventually comes up in the deadly tourney.


Why Should You Watch Squid Game?

If you love thrillers, suspense, and mystery series, this is a MUST watch for you. Because the show is based on a dark theme as well as blood spurts freely.

It extremely feels interesting and intense when you watch children’s games turned into deadly battles and how the players beg for their life. This means the show is not for everyone especially for the weak-hearted.

The characters, theme, and main plot are extremely well-developed. You won’t get bored till the last minute of the series.

The main character Seong Gi-hun is a desperate dad who wants to earn money for survival, her mother’s treatment and for a daughter who lives separately with her mother and stepfather Gi-hun is not perfect, he makes mistakes.

He is not alone in the game, in fact, he has a team of other players and contestants include an elderly man who becomes the grandfather of the group, a North Korean refugee, a gangster with a snake tattoo on his face, and a highly educated man who was the pride of his hometown but didn’t quite live up to his potential.

All the characters are introduced calmy and interestingly. Once you start watching this show, there is no coming back. In fact, you crave more seasons and similar shows.

Would you betray your friend to escape death?

A truly heartbreaking episode when the group finally had to say goodbye to their friends! Yes, they had to betray them for their own survival as the game is getting intense with each passing minute for them.


No more spoilers, if you have not watched Squid Game yet, then this is the time to get entertained by the deep, dark, and horrible world where you have to betray your friends to escape death and earn living!

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