Pakistan’s Viral Meme “Friendship Ended with Mudassar” Sold for $51,000

“Friendship ended with Mudasir- Now Salman is my best friend” is the most popular Pakistani viral meme that was probably the first one on the record that has sold for $51,000 in the auction.
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“Friendship ended with Mudasir- Now Salman is my best friend” is the most popular Pakistani viral meme that was probably the first one on the record that has sold for $51,000 in the auction.

That hilarious meme was first created and shared by Muhammad Asif Ali Rana. He posted a picture with his friend by tagging him on Facebook and announced that he has ended his friendship with Mudassar and now Salman is going to be his new best friend. Both of the friends were shaking hands while facing the camera.

The picture also features a bold and unique caption: “Friendship ended with Mudasir- Now Salman is my best friend”

This original post with crossed images at the bottom has already received 10,000 shares at that time.

According to research, the major reasons cited for this instant switch of friends were excessive pride, selfishness, rudeness, and attitude as felt by the former best friend.

Caption by the guy who posted a pic with his new best friend:

When the guy first shared the photo of his new best friend and announced the ultimate switch between friends, he shared an interesting caption as well.

“Those who show me attitude, I keep them under my foot.”

The guy already warned people in a powerful way.

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The meme has now been auctioned on Foundation:

Zain Naqvi, Alter’s co-founder has told Samaa news that this announcement-turned-meme is ready to be auctioned on Foundation which is the popular platform considered for NFT listings.

He said, “It is a life-changing moment for the creators,” explains that the proceed of this auction would be shared by the Foundation, Alter, and Rana.

Views shared by the meme creator:

Despite such great public demotion of his friend Mudasar in quite a poking way he appeared on live streaming and expressed his sentiments. He said they were still friends all those years.  He further shared, “We all are together, and we meet at times as well.”

With regards to auction, he said: “I am extremely thankful to all the bidders who have already made such big bids on my Friendship Ended message”.

Exceptional likes, comments, and shares:

Now the interesting thing to notice is, this hilarious Pakistani meme now has more than whopping 47,000 likes, 27,000 comments, and 56,000 shares.

This proves people are really enjoying the concept and appreciating the fun and hilarious way he announced his friendship breakup.

Pakistan’s first NFT meme:

When the team asked the question that, why they selected this particular meme among thousands of others, then they said that majority of the memes were related to local events. But this was the only meme that has a massive international audience as well as great relevance in the friendship context.

Many people have used the meme in several political discussions over three American presidents, which was from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

Now from all the international celebrities to political personalities and large media coverage, everybody loved sharing the meme. Hence, unfortunately, nobody ever paid the actual creator of this message.

The largest chunk of this auction might go to the creator Rana, he further added. The company will keep a particular portion of this chunk and the rest of the amount will go to the Foundation’s fee. They did not disclose a percentage received by each party.


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