5 Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

If you are bored of your tattoo and want to remove it, you can remove this by using laser tattoo removal technology which is a safe and medically approved procedure. With the use of this technology, you can remove the tattoo easily and left with no mark.

There are many conceptions about laser tattoo removal, people who have gone through this procedure say that it is a painful and time-consuming process while some people say that it is a pain-free process, and it does not take much time. No matter what, if you are thinking about removing your tattoo, you should research the myths regarding laser tattoo removal.

There are many other methods to remove the tattoo but none of these methods is considered safe and effective. Laser is considered to be the safest and most effective method to remove the tattoo completely without leaving any mark.

How a laser removes the tattoo?

A short but intense beam of laser light hits the area where ink particles are present. These ink particles absorb laser light and become scattered, the natural immune system of the body becomes active and removes these particles from the body in few weeks.

Common misconceptions

Below are some common misconceptions about laser tattoo removal

  • Any person who has the laser technology can remove the tattoo

Nowadays many small clinics are offering a safe removal of tattoos. It’s very important to meet someone who is a specialist. Complete research should be done before meeting any random person who claims to remove the tattoo. Ask for his certificates and license. The procedure of removing a tattoo through laser is not an easy task it requires experience and skill to perform this procedure, your skin is the sensitive part of your body and only an expert knows how to protect skin from any harmful effect. Spend a great deal of time searching for the best facility to remove tattoos without causing any damage to the skin.

  • Simple, Quick, and easy solution

You should keep in mind one thing before going for laser tattoo removal that you are not going for an eyebrow waxed which delivers results in a minute. Laser tattoo removal can take up to two years. You need to visit the clinic after every 4 or 6 weeks for complete removal. Your body will take time to heal itself from the laser effects.

  • Laser tattoo removal is a painless procedure

Another misconception about laser tattoo removal is that it causes no pain. If you have experienced the pain while having a tattoo on your skin then how can you think that removing tattoo will not cause any pain. If you have contacted an experienced dermatologist then he must know the ways to reduce the degree of pain. Dermatologists use numbing procedures to numb the area to minimize the effect of pain. Some dermatologist also uses cooling agents to prevent your skin from a burning experience.

  • Safe for everyone

People think that everyone can use laser technology to remove tattoos. It is a wrong concept not everyone is a suitable candidate for laser tattoo removal. If you have dark skin then it is very difficult to remove a tattoo completely from your skin because laser light does not target the dark areas.

  • All tattoos can be removed easily

Not all tattoos are easy to remove and not all tattoos take equal time for removal. Black color tattoos take less time and are less painful than brightly colored tattoos. There are many other factors that can affect the removal procedure such as the age of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, and ink used in a tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure but its experience will be different for different persons. Do not consider the above-mentioned misconceptions for tattoo removal, contact the skilled and experienced dermatologist for laser tattoo removal.


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