Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan

Trying to find the highest-paying jobs in Pakistan?
highest paying jobs in pakistan

Trying to find the highest-paying jobs in Pakistan?

If yes, you have come to the right place.  We have rounded together a list of some high-paying jobs in terms of salary range across different industries.

We understand that your salary is important but probably not the only factor in your job hunt that matters. Company culture, your aptitude, workplace environment, and managerial behaviors also count well. Above all, your happiness and satisfaction also matter a lot.

Let us help you decide which career path will be right for you and can pay you well in long term.

Our list of 30 highest-paying jobs in Pakistan can surely make it easy for you to pick the right career.

Highest paying jobs in Pakistan:

  1. Accountant, average salary= 1,90,000
  2. Architect, average salary= 5,75,000
  3. Neurosurgeon, average salary= 2,200,000
  4. Financial analyst, average salary= 614,451
  5. Lawyer, average salary= 600,000
  6. Electrical engineer, average salary= 599,800
  7. Software engineer, average salary= 704,105
  8. Project manager, average salary= 1,410,000
  9. Chartered accountant, average salary= 75,000-4,50,000
  10. IT professional, average salary= 50,000-500,000
  11. MBBS doctors, average salary= 50,000- 400,000
  12. Marketing manager, average salary= 50,000-200,000
  13. HR Manager, average salary= 35,000- 1,50,000
  14. Telecom engineer, average salary= 30,000- 100,000
  15. Creative designer, average salary= 60,000-100,000
  16. Mechanical engineer, average salary= 50,000-2,50,000
  17. Aviation manager, average salary=1,50,000- 5,50,000
  18. University lecturer, average salary= 40,000- 1,50,000
  19. Physical therapist, average salary= 90,000 to several lacs
  20. Supply chain manager, average salary= 100,000 or more
  21. Digital and video marketer, average salary= 50,000- 100,000
  22. Cyber security manager, average salary= 60,000-100,000
  23. Nuclear engineer, average salary= 80,000-200,000
  24. Fintech professionals, average salary= 100,000-200,000
  25. Audit manager, average salary=80,000-1,50,000
  26. Blockchain developers, average salary= 80,000-200,000
  27. Scrum master, average salary= 70,000-100,000
  28. Business analyst, average salary= 80,000-90,000
  29. Financial managers, average salary=70,000-80,000
  30. Pilots, average salary= 90,000-400,000


Now you are clear that there are tons of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan. You can choose from various career opportunities to grow and sustain yourself. All you need to do is, think out of the box, never lose hope, and do hard work. We are sure that you could easily find your dream job by pursuing your passion.

Still, confused? Do your proper research before choosing any profession or career based on your interests.

Stay tuned to get more news, updates, and information.


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