Hungry? Try These 5 Best Food Delivery Apps in Pakistan

food delivery apps in pakistan

Gone are the days when you could only order pizza at your doorstep and exploring different ways to order other food items as well. With food delivery apps in Pakistan, things are way easier!

Yes, ordering food from the comfort of your home is not a problem anymore. Now with the influential rise of the internet, you could order your favorite food at home as the restaurants on your premises are just one call away from delivering something scrumptious.

Sounds interesting? Well, today there are tons of amazing food delivery apps in Pakistan that let people find the best places and food items so they can directly order whatever they want. From fast foods like burgers or sandwiches to spicy biryani and sizzling kebabs, you can order anything to tantalize your taste buds.

Here we have rounded together a list of five Pakistani food delivery apps that may be a great lifesaver for foodies!

  1. Foodpanda:

Foodpanda- one of the favorite apps of all the Pakistanis today. Right?

We believe this is the most user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective solution for foodies as you don’t have to pay anything extra or hidden while ordering your favorite item. There would be nothing wrong in saying that they are the pioneers of the food delivery app in Pakistan. Due to their popularity, superiority, and significance dominance they also acquired EatOye that was operated in 17 cities of Pakistan.

This app runs quickly, efficiently, and smoothly while enabling you to place and then track the order in just a couple of steps. In case of any problem, you can even reach out to their representative who happily responds within a few minutes to resolve the issue.

You can connect with hundreds of restaurants using Foodpanda, as the app connects you through the phone number so they can update you about the close food destinations.

Review: 4.4

  1. EatMubarak:

Though we know Foodpanda is going to be your favorite app as this is the most popular food delivery app in Pakistan right now. But there are some other apps currently trending and serving their customers to the best of the food.

Among those apps, EatMubarak is not a new name in the industry. You can explore different restaurants, choose your location, browse menus and place your order without any hassle within a few seconds.

The app was developed in Karachi in 2018 and has now garnered attention from the massive audience of Pakistan who loves to try new foods from the comfort of their home.

Review: 2.5

  1. Toss Down:

Toss Down is another delicious name in the food industry.

It’s actually a great food guide for all the food enthusiasts which is why it’s also one of the best food delivery apps in Pakistan right now.

You can get a range of information and knowledge about different restaurants operating in your location. You can check out their menus, food pictures, location, and shared reviews.

The best part is you can get details about the restaurants’ environment, features and the facilities they provide to their potential foodies. People even reserve the table to have the best food experience.

Review: 4.5

  1. Super Meal:

Super Meal is another fabulous option for foodies in Pakistan, as the app has also ranked at the top of the searches in Google. They are currently available for the people of Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Mardan, and Peshawar.

They offer some super deals with both delivery and takeaway options. You can also earn multiple credits by using the app. When you refer a friend and he accepts the invitation, you can get discounted deal on your next food order.

Reviews: 4.3

  1. Food Genie:

Food genie brings all the customers and famous food places together at one place. They are currently operational in some big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, and Lahore. Though people experienced different problems while ordering food from the app, as there are some restrictions regarding their delivery timings.

However, if you want to order something during your work hours, you don’t have to worry about the delivery time as they take complete responsibility in timely delivery.

Reviews: 4.2

What was the best food delivery app you have tried so far?

So, have you ever tried one of these food delivery apps? What was your favorite app, and why you love ordering them every time you want to eat something good?

With a plethora of food delivery apps, it’s hard to decide what could be the best option. So, we recommend using all the above options as these are tried and tested apps that offer an exceptional food delivery experience.

Don’t forget to comment which app offered you the 5-star food delivery experience.


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