Delete These 20 Dangerous Android Apps from Your Phone Immediately

Dangerous Android Apps

No matter what device you are using currently, it’s important to be aware of the scams that can cause unlimited loss of your data and privacy.

A single email, text message, or URL could badly disrupt your digital life. hackers attempt to send malicious files and emails to your devices to steal or damage your data. Surprisingly, hundreds of companies are suffering from this loss, and they couldn’t do anything to overcome it!

Yes, that’s true. We can’t even go a single month without hearing about a new threat emerging. Speaking of which, we have come across a collection of multiple fake Android apps existing on the Google Play Store that people are downloading happily without knowing the serious consequences.

Cybersecurity software company Avast is working hard to report these kinds of scams so people could be aware and become more cautious. According to the company, there are more than 150 apps that were part of the serious SMS scam campaign. The apps were first launched as the most legitimate tools.

From different selfie cams to fighting games and photo editing apps to QR code scanners, there were unlimited apps that attract people to sign up and become their regular users. They are intended to get more memberships for running their expensive SMS campaigns. It can just happen in a blink of an eye so every user should be careful and warned before downloading any app. Because before you know it, you might lose your data or money within seconds.

Beware About the UltimaSMS App:

Have you ever installed an UltimaSMS app? If not, you are lucky. But if you did, we are sorry for you. Yes, really! Why?

Because it immediately tracks the location of your device, your IMEI number, and your contact number so the hackers could know which country area code or language they should use for the scam. When users open this app, users will have a screen that will ask them to submit their contact number, name, and address.

After submitting these details, they will cleverly register you for a regular premiums SMS service that would cost you at least $40 every month. Now once you do that, the app will open more doors of subscriptions or would just stop working. And after that, you will be charged every month without any reason- and with no option to unsubscribe.

This is an ultimately dangerous situation for every user. We might think that we are too smart for this kind of stupid scam, but the problem is there are lots of clever ways that trap people and even hackers. And sadly, people start trusting them and continue using them.

These kinds of apps can create a massive problem for anyone. If you want to save your data, privacy, and money, it’s better to pay attention before downloading any app. And if you find anything suspicious, immediately delete the app from your phone before entering any personal details.

The List of Apps That Have Been Banned by Google Play Store:

So, if you are wondering what kind of apps you should not install or what apps have been banned by Google, then have a look below. Here we have mentioned a list of 20 apps that have been removed by Google due to several privacy and security reasons. If you are still using any of these apps, then this is the right time to get rid of them today:

  1. Applock X free
  2. NewVision Camera
  3. Ultra-Camera HD
  4. Wi-fi Password unlock
  5. RGB Neon HD keyboard background
  6. VideoMixer Editor pro
  7. FX animate Editor Pro
  8. Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
  9. Colorful call screen and Phone flash
  10. GT Sports racing online
  11. Crime City: Revenge
  12. Reface ultra
  13. Waterdrinker Reminder
  14. Wi-Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock
  15. LivePhoto Animator
  16. Future scanner free 2021
  17. AmazeTanslate
  18. Football Masters 2021
  19. New Body shape editor
  20. Wallpaper XYZ Pro

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Have a look at this full list of dangerous apps that are recently banned by the Google play store. It will help you make sure that your phone and privacy are free from any kind of dangers.

Ending Thoughts:

It’s needless to say that there are thousands of Android and Apple apps that make their way to the play store or app store every single day. Hackers and scammers are all the tricks to make their way to your privacy and phone.

However, when it comes to iOS, its protective measures are way more secure than the Google App store. So, in that case, you don’t have to worry much. We see issues more often in the Google app store so if you are using android, make sure you are not using the above apps or any kind of suspicious app that could create problems for you in the future.

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