Top 4 Covid19 Vaccines with Highest Effectiveness

covid19 vaccines

If you believe that Covid19 vaccines will be a silver bullet against coronavirus, then you are wrong! But yes, if you want to get the highest protection against the disease, then these top 4 covid19 vaccines definitely work like a magic.

According to public health experts, vaccines are an important part to get back to normalcy. Firms ranging from big pharmaceutical companies to biotech startups, everyone is working hard to deliver vaccines that play a vital role in eradicating the disease from this world via vaccines.

Here we have boiled down the list of the top 4 covid19 vaccines that have the highest effectiveness and could offer great protection against the global pandemic.


Pfizer has been recognized as the most reliable, result-driven, and optimistic company in the race of providing covid19 vaccines.

This highly popular American drug giant has worked with another company German biotech BioNTech to build this great vaccine that has a 95% efficacy rate.

The company said that Pfizer has the highest efficacy rate among all the other vaccines. It prevents the prevention for up to 6 months after completing the second dose.

Its effective for 12 or older years, and some side effects include headache, fever, tiredness, and maybe a slight swelling at the injection area.


Moderna is another FDA approved vaccine that has a 90% efficacy rate and was initially authorized for emergency use in the U.S.  Then in December 2020, just after the launch of Pfizer, the vaccine used the same mRNA technology as Pfizer, and which is why it’s extremely effective after Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccine is stored in freezer-level temperatures.

Johnson & Johnson:

If you have ever heard about Johnson & Johnson, you must know that it’s also highly effective against covid10. The vaccine was first introduced in February, 70 days after Pfizer and Moderna.

Now unlike the mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, this vaccine acts as a carrier or virus vector. The vaccine can be stored in refrigerator temperatures, and it only needs a single dose, which is why it is comparatively easy to distribute and administer. Moreover, the vaccine is 66.3% effective against Covid19.

The vaccine will be fully effective after the vaccination, and some common side effects include temperature, fatigue, pain, and others.


AstraZeneca is another important vaccine developed by the United Kingdom which was first distributed there and in other countries. And now it is available in Pakistan, the US, and almost all over the world. It is highly effective against some of its competitors as it has lower costs. Unlike other vaccines that are stored at frozen temperature, this one can be easily in normal refrigeration for more than six months, which makes it easy to distribute.

Its efficacy rate is 69% and its effectiveness starts after the second dose.

However, the company also said that the vaccine is 85% effective in preventing Covid19 for over 65 years age people


Did you know the Delta variant causes 83% of cases in the US only? It’s been prevailing all over the world and causing unlimited deaths and severe problems. Especially for people over 60 years, the disease is extremely dangerous.

So, if you are still not vaccinated, this is the proper time to get your vaccination done. Check the above vaccines list and their efficacy rate so you can decide which vaccine you need to get for enhanced protection.

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