6 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Let’s be honest, if you are crazy about watching horror movies, this is the right article for you as we have compiled a list of some best horror movies on Netflix that could give you goosebumps.
Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Are you a fan of horror movies? If yes, you might find yourself exploring what horror movie should you watch next, and what would be just a waste of time.

Let’s be honest, if you are crazy about watching horror movies, this is the right article for you as we have compiled a list of some best horror movies on Netflix that could give you goosebumps.

Let’s dive in to know what could be the next best horror for this weekend!

Best Horror Movies on Netflix:

Here is a list of some best horror movies on Netflix:

  1. Fear street
  2. Hush
  3. The invitation
  4. Veronica
  5. The Ritual
  6. The Conjuring

Fear Street (2021):

Fear Street- an awesome storyline created by Leigh Janiak who directed a trilogy of adaptations that is based on R.L. Stine books. When you watch the movie, you will find that these horror stories are related to Shadyside, which is a small area cursed by witches’ long time ago and now the area suffers from a series of murders ever since.

Smart, intelligent, and truly bloody creatures, they look like mere homages to classic horror that can stand easily on two feet.

fear street


Hush is one of the most amazing and scariest movies on Netflix which is our personal favorite as well. In this horrible slasher flick, a beautiful deaf writer (Kate Siegel) was living a solitary life in the woods trying to create a new novel. She was comfortable living there on her own and enjoying a peaceful retreat when things changed forever.

A masked slasher came out of nowhere and threaten her peace. Later on, he got access to her house and try to kill her. The movie is quite interesting and we are sure that you must enjoy it even if you watch it more than one time.


The Invitation:

The invitation is a real thriller and horror movie that was loved by all the teenagers in the US, UK, and Pakistan. The film is based on friends gathering at a swank Hollywood Hills mansion that soon turned horrific. The friends get involved in a seemingly innocuous dinner party regarding a cult-inspired killing spree.

The storyline is unique and different which keeps you engaged till the end of the movie without wanting you to watch something else.

The Invitation


The extremely unsettling horror and thriller movie are inspired by true horror events. In this acclaimed Spanish film, you will see how a 15-year-old girl Veronica tries to contact the dead ones through an Ouija board.

She finds herself in a tricky situation, which heightens the fear and horror when she conducts that séance during a solar eclipse. Things get terrible after that last attempt.


The Ritual:

Storylines based on woods and scary houses automatically get the audience’s attention in no time. The Ritual is also based on the same concept that makes you realize that you should never go in the woods alone.

In this movie, four friends plan a trip into the woods so they can give a tribute to their late friend, but unfortunately, the Norse legends existing in the forest were not as inviting as they thought. They make their last trip memorable when they saw them interrupting.

The Ritual

The Conjuring:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best horror movies of all time, which is equally liked and appreciated by people of all ages. This haunted-house subgenre will definitely be loved and remembered by future horror-seekers as the movie may not leave the list of best horror flicks anytime soon.

Directed by James Wan, the movie is based on a true story that also caught the attention of thousands of viewers. The family shifts to a new home that was already affected by demonic possession and then family members take the help of paranormal investigators to investigate the situation. Its whole series of sequels is truly engaging and inspiring that keeps you on the edge of the seat.

The Conjuring

Wrapping up:

The above-mentioned horror movies are over the top in all the best ways possible. However, these are not the only movies that could grab attention, but a lot of movies are still on the list that could engage the audience and be remembered for years.

Let us keep you updated on more Netflix movies and series, till then you enjoy all the movies we mentioned here as we are sure the movies could ultimately give you the best fun and entertainment.


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