5 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2021

best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2021

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you must be wondering what’s the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2021. Right?

And if you are trying to figure out what’s the most result-driven cryptocurrency that can give the highest returns, then this is definitely an ideal post to read till the end.

Not only that, but you can get a quick idea before investing in the future of finance.

So, without further ado, let’s continue and discover what are the top five cryptocurrencies that are worth giving a try and you can buy them immediately this week!


Bitcoin– needs no introduction of course, as it’s one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.  It was first invented by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

What makes it worth buying in 2021 is their combination of the market crash as well as the decision of stepping away by Elon Musk from making all the payments in the form of Bitcoin for Tesla.

Bitcoin is now trading somewhere between $35000 and $37000, so all the crypto enthusiasts have been considering it an ideal choice as they know the price is going to increase in a few days. Hence, when you invest in bitcoin, you may see super-awesome results within a short time.


Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

And I believe this cryptocurrency needs a bit more attention than it’s currently getting these days. The reason is, Ethereum’s blockchain technology is efficient enough in creating the base of different cryptocurrencies.

In addition to that, with other competing blockchain technologies that are vying for fast and lower transaction fees, this cryptocurrency can surely get the attention for the most popular go-to blockchain solution for Defi.


Enough about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Let’s move onto EOS which is another amazing cryptocurrency that just works similar to Ethereum.

From intelligent contract technology to quick transactions, EOS is going to be a strong competitor for other cryptocurrencies. The amazing potential this technology holds could give excellent returns in the future if you invest today.


If you have been in the cryptocurrency market for years, you must know how well the Dogecoin cryptocurrency has played so far.

When you compare it with other cryptocurrencies, you will discover how smartly it has entered the market as the rising figures left people awestruck.

The extent to which this cryptocurrency has risen in the past few years actually sets it apart from others. Well, yes, the current levels are not so inspiring for investors so people are not investing much in Dogecoin, however, the final call may open the doors of unlimited success, who knows?


What makes Litecoin a super amazing cryptocurrency in the market?

The similarity of features with Bitcoin.

So, if you want an investment that is somewhat similar to Bitcoin, it’s better to choose Litecoin as its currently progressing rapidly and may beat the market in few years. It’s also quite imperative in form of security. What’s more? It has comparatively lower fees, which makes it an ideal option.

To conclude:

As everyone shares the belief that cryptocurrency is going to boom in days, so let’s wait no more and invest today. But make sure you are doing proper research before moving ahead, as there are a lot of technical components involve that you need to know before investing.


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